Baltimore, MD Bankruptcy and Senior Citizens

Bankruptcy And Senior Citizens

If you belong to the "Greatest Generation," the "Silent Generation," or if you are a "Baby Boomer," you probably came from a time when filing for bankruptcy would have been unheard of and would have come with a stigma of shame. Unfortunately, breaking this stereotype is not only very difficult, but also a necessity in this day and age. Bankruptcy laws have special provisions that help senior citizens.  Call Baltimore, MD attorney Michael Siddons today to learn about assets and exemptions.

Senior Citizen Financial Assistance

Many seniors today find themselves in a difficult financial situation and may need to file for bankruptcy. Should senior citizens in Baltimore, MD file bankruptcy? There is no disgrace in doing so. Times are not what they were. The cost of living in Baltimore has outpaced incomes by far, and the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed. Whether due to living on a fixed income, medical bills piling, losses in investment income, or assisted living costs, financial difficulties could make seeking bankruptcy protection viable. 

In recent years, events in the news have helped bring about legal changes to help protect seniors from abuse and crimes. Some of these crimes involve being tricked into giving up their savings or simply having them stolen. Whatever the cause, if you are a senior that is in financial distress, or if you know a senior who is, please call our office today at (610) 255-7500 in PA, (609) 285-3999 in NJ or (410) 705-0970 in MD. We can help.

Bankruptcy and Senior Citizens in Baltimore, MD

Legal Services For Seniors in Baltimore, MD

Michael Alan Siddons will personally, and discreetly, analyze your situation and assist you in determining an appropriate plan of action (which may or may not include filing for bankruptcy). Our Baltimore, MD legal services for seniors include special fee discounts, transportation assistance, and a host of free added legal services such as wills, and durable health care powers of attorney. Whether you are living at home, an assisted living facility, or even your hospital bed, we will come right to your door and a make house call whenever needed. Get legal assistance regarding social security benefits and bankruptcy with the help of a top Baltimore, MD bankruptcy attorney for senior citizens. Hire an attorney today to protect your social security benefits and safeguard your rights.

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