Bankruptcy and Utility Shut-Off in Baltimore

Bankruptcy and Utility Shut-Off in Baltimore

If you cannot afford to pay your utility bills, you still have certain protections under the law in certain circumstances. Filing for bankruptcy in Baltimore is just one of the ways that can put an end to utility shut-offs. Having a serious illness, a threat to your personal safety, or having an infant or senior at home are all situations that are granted special protections against utility shut-offs. And in some states, all households are protected during winter months, regardless of who lives at home.

Baltimore, MD Utility Shut-Off Notice

Just as with other creditors, filing for bankruptcy halts the collection process. This includes the shut-off of utility services. If you have been notified by a utility company that is about to terminate service, please contact the Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire immediately for assistance.

Bankruptcy and Utility Shut Off in Baltimore, MD
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Utility Shut-Off Assistance in Baltimore, MD

Serious Illness

If any member of your household suffers from a serious illness, and you cannot afford to pay your utilities due to financial hardship, then private gas, water, electric, and some phone companies cannot shut off your service.

Any serious illness deemed by a doctor to be a serious illness, must be handled as such by utility companies. These illnesses are not only limited to physical health problems, but can also be psychiatric in nature, like severe anxiety or depression, or Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD.) Also, a serious illness may be chronic, like diabetes or asthma, but it may also be temporary in nature, like pneumonia or the flu.

Whatever the situation, you will need verification from a licensed medical practitioner, and you will be required to complete and submit the appropriate forms. We are here to help you in situations like these. Please feel free to call us for more information and assistance at (610) 255-7500 in PA, (609) 285-3999 in NJ or (410) 705-0970 in MD.

Utility Shut Off Notice in Baltimore, MD
Personal Safety

Individuals who face personal safety concerns also have certain protections under the law that prevents phone companies from terminating landline service for non-payment. Victims of domestic violence, individuals threatened by past abusers, stalking victims, and any other threat or crisis that may require telephone access to emergency services are protected from service shut-offs. The legal requirements in these cases differ slightly from those of serious illnesses, but are still eligible for protection. Please contact Michael Siddons for further assistance if you are being threatened with shut-off notices.

Utility Shut Off Assistance in Baltimore, MD
Winter Shut Off Protection

Gas and electric companies in certain states cannot discontinue service during winter months. If you are facing bankruptcy or a financial hardship and cannot pay your utility bill, your service cannot be shut-off if it is required to heat your home. The exact requirements and calendar dates vary by state and sometimes region, but we are here to help.

Senior Citizens / Families with Infants

Both households with senior citizens and families with an infant or infants are eligible for utility shut off protections, contact us today, we can help you exercise those rights. Utility companies cannot turn off your water, gas, or electricity when you have a child less than one year of age living in the home and financial difficulties prevent you from paying your bill. Households with a senior citizen to care for, can also share this protection, and have added legal rights beyond just the shut-off protection.

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