Baltimore Medical Bankruptcies

Baltimore Medical Bankruptcies

Whether you or a family member was diagnosed with a serious illness or you had an accident, at work, at home, or on the road, your medical bills could pile up leaving you with no other choice but bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can discharge your medical bills and give you the financial relief you need.

Medical Bills Piling Up

Co-pays, exams, hospital stays, medications, and other expensive medical treatments can quickly add up to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Those bills could force you to choose between paying your doctor and paying for your groceries. High deductibles and the skyrocketing cost of healthcare have put an enormous financial strain on thousands of Americans. If you are behind on medical bills, or you are getting calls from collection agencies, you need to seek the advice of an attorney like Michael Siddons to help you make the right decision.

Medical Bankruptcies in Baltimore, MD

Bankruptcy and Health Insurance in Baltimore, MD

A common misconception is that medical bankruptcy is something that only strikes the uninsured poor. The reality is that nearly 10 million Americans will face the possibility of medical bankruptcy, even though they have year round health insurance, according to some estimates.

Baltimore Medical Bill Collections

The billing departments of most medical providers will only keep debts in house for a short period of time. They are in the medical business, not bankers. So after 90 to 180 days, your unpaid medical bills are handed over to debt collectors and collections agencies.

Expensive Medical Treatments in Baltimore, MD

Debt collectors in Baltimore don’t have your health and well-being in mind – they want to get paid. That’s when the harassing phone calls start. Debt collectors can be relentless when trying to collect on their debts, sometimes calling continually for years to try to pressure and/or scare you into paying them fast.

Harassment, of any sort, is the last thing you need when you are trying to recover from an accident or illness, are behind on your debts, and are often times out of work due to your injuries. Don’t make a rash decision because of pressure from a collection agency. Let attorney Michael Siddons help you deal with debt collectors.

Behind on Medical Bills in Baltimore, MD
Determining a Course of Action

Just as with other forms of bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills should always be the option of last resort. And as with all bankruptcies, it will negatively affect your credit. However, you should not wait until it is too late to contact a lawyer.

A good, experienced bankruptcy attorney can personally analyze your situation and recommend an alternate course of action. He can help you determine whether to file for bankruptcy now, wait for later, or help you find a plan to avoid it altogether.

Often times, other options like negotiating fees with the doctor or hospital, or looking towards other sources of income like crowdfunding, may be a suitable option for your particular circumstances.

Best Action in Medical Bankruptcies in Baltimore, MD

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Contact the Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons at (610) 255-7500 in PA, (609) 285-3999 in NJ or (410) 705-0970 in MD as soon as possible to get your situation assessed and determine a strong course of action for you and your family. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney at your side, you can rest assured your case will be handled correctly and efficiently with a knowledgeable outcome.

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