Residential Purchase and Sales in Anne Arundel County, MD

Residential Purachase and Sales

For most Americans, the purchase of a new home is the single most valuable investment they will ever make. Buying a house can be an overwhelming process.  Anne Arundel County, MD attorney Michael Siddons can help walk you through your residential real estate transaction. That is what makes the purchase (or sale) of a home in Anne Arundel County, MD one of the most important legal transactions in a lifetime. Ensuring that this transaction goes smoothly, with no hidden surprises, as well as ensuring you are not vulnerable to future litigation, can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. That is why even seasoned investors rely on the legal prowess of a good real estate attorney. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or this is your 50th investment property, rely on the legal experience of Attorney Michael Alan Siddons to make your real estate transaction run smoothly.

Residential Purchase

Anne Arundel County, MD Flat Fee Real Estate Services

We have developed a flat fee service to assist in the purchase or sale of most real estate transactions. For one small flat fee, our offices will provide you with our personalized five step service. We will:

  • 1. Draw up and/or review your sales agreement.
  • 2. Hold negotiations with the opposing real estate agent, lawyer, or party involved.
  • 3. Review all the documents that you need to submit or that need to be submitted.
  • 4. Review all mortgage documents from your bank or lender.
  • 5. Personally attend your settlement hearing to be sure you are represented to the very end.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home, condominium, or apartment in Anne Arundel County, MD, please call us today for assistance.

Residential Sales

Sales Agreement Review ot Creation

All real estate transactions must be legally documented with a sales agreement. That agreement is then recorded with the assessor’s office or court system to ensure it can be found by others interested in determining the rightful owner of a property. A sales agreement is the legally binding document that transfers deed or title from one individual to another. Sales agreements will detail the results of any and all negotiations, and it will even include such details as what exactly comes with the property. For example, when you buy that perfect Anne Arundel County house, will the chandelier in the hall come with it, or will the seller remove it and take it with them? Will the buyer or the seller pay for the closing costs? If the inspector found termite damage in the garage, will the seller make repairs or does the buyer have to take possession of the property as is? All these questions and more have to be answered. And if those answers aren’t included in the sales agreement, a he said/she said battle may ensue. Prevent these arguments from becoming huge headaches. Hire a top attorney for real estate transactions in Anne Arundel County, MD to help avoid any pitfalls.

Residential Purchase and Sales


With years of practice, Michael Siddons is a top notch negotiator for your real estate transactions. Whether you are selling or buying, the other side will always try to get more. His negotiating skills can ensure results. Let him help you and hire a real estate attorney to review your contract.

Document Review

All real estate transactions have what seems to be an endless list of documents to be submitted by both sides. Whether they are disclosures, commission agreements, or releases, they need to be reviewed for potential errors that could become costly.  "How long do I have for attorney review?" or "do I need a lawyer to buy or sell a house?" are common questions people ask. As part of our flat fee service, attorney Michael Alan Siddons will review these documents for you, ensuring your results are favorable.

Legal Expertise

Mortgage Document Review in Anne Arundel County

Some of the most complex documents that arise from a real estate sale or purchase transaction are those generated by banks and the mortgage industry in general. By reviewing your documents, our firm can ensure there are no loop holes or other potentially disastrous pitfalls involving your mortgage or transfer of debts.


We pride ourselves on giving each of our client’s individual attention. Michael Siddons will personally attend your settlement to ensure that you are represented every step of the way, down to the last signature. Call us today for all your real estate law needs.

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