Property Tax Assessment Appeal

Property Tax assessment Appeal

Are your property taxes too high?  Attorney Micahel Siddons can help you appeal your tax assessment in Baltimore County, MD - call for more information. Why pay more taxes? Appealing your property tax assessment is not simply a matter of filing the right forms. You also have to prove that you are being taxed unfairly. Let us negotiate with the assessor on your behalf to bring your property taxes down to where they should be. And our proven Flat Fee Assessment Appeal Services for residential properties has worked successfully for over 600 property tax cases. Let attorney Michael Siddons and his years of knowledge represent you!

Falling Home Values in Baltimore County, MD

When the “housing bubble” burst a few years ago, home values in Baltimore County, MD saw a huge decline. However, tax assessors do not reevaluate the value of your home on a yearly basis. That means that you might be in a situation where your property taxes are based on an inflated value. Since property tax liabilities are determined as a percentage of the property value, an inflated value then results in a higher property tax liability. This is the reason you should consider filing for a property tax assessment appeal – to reduce the value used by the tax assessor to calculate your tax liability.

Property Tax Assessment Appeal in Baltimore County, MD

Property Tax Appeal

Not Always Cut and Dry

My Baltimore County, MD property taxes are too high. Rumor has it that a property tax appeal is a simple cut and dry form. It is assumed that if you can present proof that your home appraises at $100,000 less than is shown on your property tax bill, the assessor will simply make the correction. That is not necessarily true. The appeals board often returns with a reduction in value, but not the full amount. The board is taking the chance that you will not bother making an appeal with the Court of Common Pleas, or that you are not even aware that you have that as an option. An experienced Baltimore County, MD real estate attorney can help negotiate a better settlement. Hire a Baltimore County, MD tax assessment appeal attorney to help lower your taxes.

Property Taxes in Baltimore County, MD

Assessment Appeal services

The Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire has developed a flat fee service for real estate assessment appeals. This service not only includes the filing of all forms, but we will also attend your Board of Assessment administrative hearing, and even negotiate with the assessor’s office. We will also negotiate with the assessor’s office on your behalf, all included for the one small flat fee.

Assessment Appeal Services in Baltimore County, MD

Appealing the Decision

Commercial properties and high end residential estates (more commonly than lower value properties) need to appeal the Board of Appeals’ decision to the Court of Common Pleas. In such circumstances, an attorney is required to file the appeal. Attorney Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire has the knowledge and experience needed to represent you and your case.

Sometimes, property owners may employ a Property Tax Consultant to file their initial appeal, but once again, should that filing need to be appealed in the Court of Common Pleas, a licensed attorney must be retained. How long does a tax assessment appeal take in Baltimore County, MD? Contact an affordable attorney to help lower property taxes today while guiding you through the tax appeal maze.

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