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If you love the outdoors and are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to spend some time, be sure to check out Chanticleer in Media, PA. This gorgeous park is well-know for its exquisite gardens and beautiful plant life. It’s the perfect place for a walk or a picnic and is one of the most romantic parks you will ever visit. Information can be found here.



Some of the plants you will see at Chanticleer are beautiful rose bushes, flowering trees and shrubs, wildflowers, and even rare plants that you won’t find anywhere else. These plants take turns blooming and flowering all year, so the park is always beautiful. See here for information about Concord Mall.



As you can imagine, a lot of animals are attracted to the park by the amount of foliage. You can see birds, insects, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, and more as they play and scamper through the trees and bushes. It’s a great place to snap some photos.

If you love nature and are looking for a place in Media, PA to get outdoors and spend some time, be sure to check out Chanticleer. It’s a beautiful park and the perfect place to spend a nice sunny day or even take a quiet winter hike.

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