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Media Farmer’s Market

If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade desserts, and gifts, or if you just want to walk around and socialize in a fun location, be sure to visit the Media Farmer’s Market. There is always something new to see and you can shop for hours. It’s a great way to help small businesses and farmers. More can be found here.



A lot of farmers come to the market to sell their vegetables and fruits. You can find fresher and better-quality foods here than what you might find at the supermarket. You can also find unique products that you may not be able to find anywhere else. See also about A Ridley Creek State Park.



If you are looking for something special or unique for a gift, be sure to hit up the farm’s market. There’s always something unique at the Farmer’s Market and since many of these things are handmade, you can count on them being the only ones of their kind. You can find thoughtful and creative gifts for anyone in your life.

If you happen to be in Media, PA and are looking for a great place to shop for groceries, snacks, or gifts, be sure to stop by the Media Farmer’s Market to see what’s available.

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