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Media Tot Lot

Media Tot Lot is a small playground in Media, PA that is designed for small children. The park is small but can still provide hours of fun for little ones. The park is modern and has a variety of different types of equipment. It’s a great place to take children who need to burn off some energy and spend some time outdoors. Learn more here.


The playground is meant to be fun and children of all ages will find it a lot of fun. The equipment is easy for them to navigate and there are plenty of slides, swings, and things to climb all over. Learn more about Linvilla Orchards.


The playground is all about safety. You don’t have to worry about your children falling from bug heights or playing on equipment that is too big for them. This park is designed to be safe and fun for smaller children, so you aren’t likely to find a bigger kid playing too rough at this park either.

If you have children and are looking for a fun park to explore in Media, PA, be sure to check out Media Tot Lot. Your kids will have a blast and probably even nap on the way home.

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