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Please Touch Museum

This museum may have an odd name, but the Please Touch Museum isn’t like most museums. Most museums don’t want you to touch the exhibits and only allow you to admire them from behind a rope or glass case. The Please Touch Museum is different. They want you to interact with their exhibits and encourage people to touch them. It’s a great place to take children or for curious adults. Visit this link for more information.


River Adventure

The River Adventure is just one of the fun exhibits to check out at this museum. It’s all about science, weather, and nature. You will feel like you are on a real river adventure and will encounter a lot of interesting things on your trip. Read about Ridley Creek State Park here.


Other Exhibits

There are many exhibits at the museum, and they are all educational and fun. So fun in fact, that you won’t even realize you are learning. It’s a popular field trip location and a great place to spend a weekend with your family. 

If you love to learn or want to take your children somewhere fun and educational, be sure to check out the Please Touch Museum in Media, PA. It’s a lot of fun and you can learn a lot in the process. 

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