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Declaring bankruptcy is not an easy pill to swallow for anyone, especially during the country’s current economic situation. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be a challenging process if the right law firm helps you handle it.

Bankruptcy is a set of rules set up by the federal government to help individuals and businesses offload unmanageable debts and have a fresh start financially. There are different forms of bankruptcy proceedings, but the focus here is chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

This form of bankruptcy is the most used in the US. It involves liquidating assets that are non-exempt and using the funds from that to pay off creditors. What then happens is that most or even all of the remaining debts are discharged.

What should be understood here is that filing for bankruptcy is not a financial life sentence. It is not likely that assets like houses, cars, and so on will be ceased. Filing for bankruptcy is more of a breath of fresh air than a lungful of suffocating smoke. Having said this, it is also important to hire the right law firm to handle the bankruptcy case. Even though it is a federal law, it does not mean each case will be the same. There are variations across the country, which is why a competent bankruptcy lawyer who understands how the procedure is conducted in that particular state is essential.

What Is Zero Down Bankruptcy?

The zero down policy of Siddons Law was set up because they care for their client’s welfare. With their zero down policy, no money is paid upfront, and you won’t have interest payments added either. Monthly payments are set up over a period of time, 30 days after filing.

Siddons Law Provides Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services In West Chester, PA

The zero down policy of Siddons Law was set up because they care for the welfare of their clients. With this policy, you can comfortably pay your attorney fees since they have already helped you file for bankruptcy. Another advantage is that the money is not so difficult to pay because the payments are spread over several months. 

The Law of Offices of Michael Alan Siddons is home to one of the very few attorneys that offer zero down Chapter 7 bankruptcy services. Taking advantage of this offer is vital if you are looking to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in West Chester and you do not have the funds to pay lawyer fees immediately. Many clients can testify how the zero down policy offered by Siddons Law has helped them in a time of need.

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