Siddons Law Firm is dedicated to offering affordable legal representation in Media, PA to people in the process of declaring bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy can be a financially stressful process. In order to accommodate the needs of clients, Siddons Law Firm provides free initial consultations as well as zero dollars down chapter 7 bankruptcy services. No one should have to live with the tiresome burden of debt looming overhead. The professionals at Siddons Law Firm are passionate about helping each client find freedom from debt.

Clients never have to wonder if they are receiving the best representation in the area when they choose to have attorney Michael Alan Siddons acting on their behalf. He has held a master’s in law for twenty years and has accumulated experience in multiple legal fields. Siddons has represented clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to parties pursuing personal bankruptcy options. The clear communication and transparency that Siddons Law Firm offers establish an unparalleled level of trust with clients. In times of uncertainty, clients should be certain about their legal representation.

Primarily focused on communication and establishing a solid course of action, Siddons Law Firm works to keep each client informed and involved in the legal process. Because every situation is unique, it is important to openly discuss all financial matters in order to determine the most beneficial form of bankruptcy to pursue. After taking a focused look at each client’s financial situation, a decision can be made as to whether to pursue chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Around 80% of bankruptcy cases are considered to be chapter 7 filings, but that does not necessarily make it the best course of action for everyone.

The best way to describe chapter 7 bankruptcy is as an asset liquidation process. At its most basic level, Chapter 7 bankruptcy operates by liquidating non-exempt assets and using the proceeds from them to pay off creditors. Most, if not all, leftover debts are discharged, which means that the individual is no longer under any legal obligation to pay them off.

While chapter 13 is a more expensive process, individuals do receive the benefit of having the action on their credit report for less time. This is an option that allows debtors to maintain their assets and set up a plan to pay back their debt over the course of time. Liens against an individual are removed when they file for chapter 13 bankruptcy and they are ultimately still able to find freedom from their debts. There are many intricacies surrounding filing for bankruptcy, but attorney Michael Siddons always takes the time to ensure his clients understand what their legal actions are going to be and why.

Siddons Law Firm offers a complimentary consultation to individuals who have decided that filing for bankruptcy may be their best financial option. If together it is decided that chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option to pursue, clients will be briefed on the details of the zero dollar down chapter 7 filing option that the law firm offers. Being in a tough spot financially is not a reason to decline the best legal representation available. Through Siddons Law Firm, individuals of varying financial status are empowered to live with financial freedom and embrace the peace associated with escaping the burden of debt.


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