No one likes to live with a looming cloud of debt that always seems to rain on plans for the future. Siddons Law Firm wants to help people decrease their debt and have a fresh start. Though the concept of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming, it is not as dire a situation as it may seem. Bankruptcy does not mean that people will lose their house or their car and be stricken with poverty. What bankruptcy actually means is cleaning the financial slate for a fresh start and having a chance to be even better off than before. Those who file can prepare for a better and brighter future.

Michael Alan Siddons of Siddons Law Firm helps clients determine the form of bankruptcy they will be facing. The most common type of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Choosing this route means liquidating non-exempt assets and using the proceeds from them to pay off creditors. There are various debts that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can cover, including medical expenses, credit card bills, certain tax debts, auto loans, utility bills, personal loans, business debts, civil judgments, collection accounts, and past due rent. Most, if not all, of the residual debts are discharged, which releases those who owe from having to pay. Note that some debts are not covered in this way, such as recent tax debts and child support or alimony debts.

With Siddons’ offer of zero down when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, clients can focus on restoring their lives instead of worrying about their debt load. In order for eligibility, those filing must be employed full or part-time, make at least $25,000 in annual gross income, and pass the ‘means test.’ The means test weighs the debtor’s monthly income against his or her expenses in order to see whether it is possible for the debts to be paid.

Filing $0 Down Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an excellent resource for those who have been overwhelmed with debt. When clients work with Siddons Law Firm, they will owe no money upfront, and interest payments will be eliminated. Weekly or monthly payments can be made thirty days after filing, and no additional court fees must be paid.

Siddons Law Firm empowers people to live with financial freedom and embrace the peace associated with escaping the burden of debt. Clients represented include public government, financial institutions, banking institutions, Fortune 500 companies, property management companies, and real estate developers. Though the firm is based in Pennsylvania, there are additional office locations in Rising Sun, MD and Staten Island, NY.


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