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COVID-19 has officially shut down the United States, leaving businesses vulnerable. Additionally, the U.S. is facing the highest rate of unemployment ever. Siddons Law Firm is preparing for a record-breaking number of bankruptcy filings, and attorney Michael Alan Siddons is ready to assist those in need of direction after this nationwide crisis.

Siddons Law Firm is offering zero down on chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves liquidating non-exempt assets and using the proceeds to pay off creditors. By choosing chapter 7 bankruptcy with a zero down requirement through Siddons Law Firm, clients can avoid incurring more debt while focusing on getting their finances in order. Items that can be covered by this type of bankruptcy are medical expenses, credit card bills, certain tax debts, utility bills, personal loans, auto loans, business debts, civil judgments, collection accounts, and past due rent. Residual debts are usually discharged in full, which releases those who owe from having to pay.

While filing for bankruptcy often comes with negative connotations, the process usually means that people can start over and get ahead for the future. In reality, bankruptcy does not reflect true poverty, and people can expect to be in an even better financial state than they were prior to filing. There are many misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy. People may believe that their credit score will be permanently ruined, they will lose their house and car, or their reputation will be tarnished, leaving them all alone during the process. On the contrary, Siddons Law Firm explains that credit scores can bounce back and even increase after bankruptcy, and cars and homes are secure. If debtors are not celebrities or major public figures, they usually do not have to worry about the effect on their reputation. Finally, clients need not fear being alone. Siddons Law Firm will walk alongside each client throughout the whole filing process.

People are eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy at zero down if they are employed full or part-time, if they are making at least $25,000 in annual gross income, and if they pass the MEANS test. No money will be owed upfront, interest payments will be eliminated, weekly or monthly payments can be made 30 days after filing, and no additional court fees will be required. Many businesses go through chapter 11 bankruptcy, which gives them the leeway to reorganize their debts with the goal of continuing operation and maintaining profits. Filing with Siddons Law Firm will give those who feel that they are financially unable to stay afloat a life preserver that will provide them with a new outlook on life.

Siddons Law Firm empowers people to live with financial freedom and embrace the peace associated with escaping the burden of debt. Clients represented include public government, financial institutions, banking institutions, Fortune 500 companies, property management companies, and real estate developers. Though the firm is based in Pennsylvania, there are additional office locations in Rising Sun, MD and Staten Island, NY.


To learn more about zero down bankruptcy, visit the Siddons Law Firm website at https://siddonslaw.com. The office can be reached by email at msiddons@siddonslaw.com or by phone at 1 (610) 255-7500.