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Offering their clients quality and reliable legal representation, Siddons Law now offers loan modification services. As the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has swept across the country, many American individuals and families have experienced additional financial stress. As social distancing and preventative isolation closed businesses and affected jobs, debt and financial instability have become a serious concern for many. American homeowners are concerned about foreclosures and seek to find solutions to keep their homes.

A loan modification can provide an alternative to foreclosure. Offering a way to get rid of the stress that comes with a reduction in income, a loan modification can provide hope when all seems lost, and provide brighter options when facing sudden financial upheaval.

A loan modification requires several steps:

  • Document requests: Includes a large number of documents requiring certain specifications.
  • Continue payment of the mortgage: Current loan payments must continue, regardless of the status of the loan restructuring. Default on the mortgage payments may result in a lawsuit.
  • Hire an attorney: There is a wide variety of loan modifications. An attorney can provide guidance and assistance concerning application for the appropriate type of loan modification, heightening the chance of success.

In view of the overwhelming need of their clients, Siddons Law now offers their clients the option of successfully navigating the loan modification process as a viable option to foreclosure. A loan modification is best accomplished utilizing a skilled and experienced attorney, and a reputable law firm can help to maneuver the complicated legal processes involved. 

The Law Offices of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire can provide their clients with quality results through the efforts of the customer-oriented legal team.

“At Siddons Law, you will be taken through the whole process. We will talk you through the different plans and guide you on every step to take until the mortgage modification is successful. We create a valuable relationship with all our clients, looking to enhance the communication between the parties in the loan modification process.”

Siddons Law can now help their clients to understand and maneuver the loan modification process, ensuring the best possible outcomes during difficult situations. An experienced and skilled legal team will help to ensure success and provide the homeowner with the confidence that comes from having a professional on their side.

For a consultation to discuss loan modification options, contact the Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire at (610) 255-7500, or visit their website.