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With the advent of the Coronavirus, 2020 has swept the American economy out to the proverbial sea, leaving many individuals, families, and businesses to tread water. Americans have lost their incomes, either in part or in their entirety, due to the unprecedented virus precautions taken throughout the country. With mounting debts and little financial stability for many, the future promises a likelihood of an increase in personal bankruptcies.

Because bankruptcy can be a difficult process to navigate, it’s often best to hire an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law. During the COVID-19 crisis, an attorney is especially helpful, as an influx of personal bankruptcies is likely to complicate matters. While filing for bankruptcy can be beneficial, especially in a time of economic upheaval, it can also be a solution that is complex to maneuver, and may involve intricate difficulties.

While the nation was largely under shelter-in-place orders, national bankruptcy numbers declined significantly. As the numbers went down, so did Americans’ abilities to pay their bills and debts, as unemployment rose and even those who maintained their jobs were often unable to actually get to work. This combination, delayed-onset for bankruptcies already in preparation and economic difficulties resulting in new bankruptcy conditions for many, sets the scene for an avalanche as the current financial crisis comes to mind.

Most bankruptcy courts require that technology be utilized to file bankruptcy, and there is often limited physical access. These requirements tend to put certain filers at a disadvantage. Ethic and racial minorities, along with seniors and those in rural areas are all examples of those most often at a disadvantage due to technological requirements for filing.

In many districts, the requirements for filing for bankruptcy are best handled by an experienced attorney. Limited access to transportation and technology can create difficult conditions in relation to filing for bankruptcy, and the Pennsylvania bankruptcy courts are woefully unprepared for the influx of post-COVID bankruptcy cases, especially where these groups are concerned.

To successfully navigate the bankruptcy process with the least amount of stress and the most satisfactory outcome, an expert and experienced bankruptcy attorney is often the best option. Versed in all facets of collections practice, Michael Siddons at Siddons Law Firm has represented a wide range of clients. Siddons Law Firm is skilled at bankruptcy law, and can help their clients to resolve their financial struggles, instead of adding to them.

The Law Offices of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire offer their clients the benefits that come with hiring an experienced attorney to fight on their behalf, “Individuals can file for bankruptcy pro se (without a bankruptcy lawyer) but because bankruptcy often has long-term financial and legal consequences, even the United States Courts highly recommend you seek legal counsel from a qualified bankruptcy lawyer.”

When considering a filing for bankruptcy, an experienced law firm is an advisable step, and can ensure the best outcome out of a difficult situation. “Seeking the advice of an attorney can assure you achieve a knowledgeable outcome and could ultimately save you money. And hiring an attorney to help you gives you something you probably need the most at such a critical and stressful time – peace of mind.”

For a consultation to discuss their bankruptcy options and needs, clients may contact the Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, inquire at (610) 255-7500, or visit their website.