Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire can represent you for all your real estate needs throughout the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As the “go to” attorney for both residential and commercial legal matters, Michael Siddons has an excellent background in real estate law, and extensive experience in handling both contractual legal matters as well as litigation.

Real Estate Law Attorney

From Fortune 500 companies to senior citizens on a fixed income, we are here to help you with all matters pertaining to real estate law. Plus, our added knowledge in the areas of tax law, bankruptcy, business law, and litigation can be put to use to further benefit your case. We have represented clients of all sizes, and from all walks of life, including individuals, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, public and private companies and corporations, non-profit organizations, government entities, municipalities, and religious organizations.

Areas of Practice

Whether you need legal assistance for a residential or a commercial real estate matter, we bring our extensive knowledge base to the table to personally assist you. Our multifaceted experiences cover a wide range of topics, including acquisitions and sales, leasing, property management, contract disputes, debt collections, short sales, foreclosure defense, property tax assessment appeals, land and property development, leasing, construction, and financing.

As a noted real estate attorney in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, attorney Michael Siddons serves his client's needs in the areas of Residential Purchase and Sales, Commercial Purchase and Sale, Commercial Litigation, Commission, and Debt Collections, Property Tax Assessment Appeals, and Foreclosure Defense and Short Sales.

Residential Purchase and Sales

For most Americans, the purchase of a new home is usually the single most important financial decision they will ever make. Whether you are in the market for a new home or need to sell your existing property, we are here to help. We offer a comprehensive flat fee service that covers a review of all documents, negotiations, and even settlement hearings personally attended by attorney Michael Siddons for most residential real estate transactions.

Commercial Purchase and Sale

The area of commercial real estate is a far more complex field than residential transactions. Purchases, sales, and leases are often times complicated by the added requirements of multiple disclosures, options for renewal, commission agreements, approved use laws, subletting agreements, insurance requirements, build-out requirements, fixture ownership clauses, and even proration's, just to name a few. Both seasoned commercial investors and business owners alike know that having an experienced real estate attorney represent you in all legal matters is a crucial step that can significantly improve results, and help prevent legal complications from arising in the future.

Commercial Litigation, Commissions, and Debt Collections

All business owners, regardless of the size of their business, will be involved in some form of litigation or dispute, at some point in their careers. Disputes may arise from a host of issues, including but not limited to labor and employment agreements, contracts, collections, commission agreements, partnership disputes, royalty agreements, business dissolutions, non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, etc. As an experienced litigator, Michael Alan Siddons has the skills to represent you in any situation, no matter how complex. Contact us for assistance in Commercial Debt Collections, Commercial Litigation, and Commercial Real Estate Commissions. We have developed both fixed fee and contingency fee schedules to meet your needs for debt collections, and we have devised three plans of action for collection of commercial real estate commissions. We are here to help.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Why pay more taxes? Appealing your property tax assessment is not simply a matter of filing the right forms. You also have to prove that you are being taxed unfairly. Let us negotiate with the assessor on your behalf to bring your property taxes down to where they should be. And our proven Flat Fee Assessment Appeal Service for residential properties has worked successfully for over 600 property tax cases. Let us represent you!

Foreclosure Defense / Short Sales

Losing your income, facing a medical catastrophe, mounting credit card debt... whatever the reason, if you are behind on your mortgage payments or have been served foreclosure papers, you need to contact our office immediately. Do not risk losing your rights, nor put your home in jeopardy. We can help you stay in your home, giving you the valuable time you need to work out a solution. If it is a short sale, you need our law office can help you through the complex and trying negotiations with your bank or mortgage lender. We offer a flat fee mortgage foreclosure defense to help. Call us now at (610) 255-7500 in PA, (609) 285-3999 in NJ or (410) 705-0970 in MD!