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Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. Many people want their cases filed immediately to stop garnishments, repossessions and collector calls, but can’t readily afford to pay the attorney fee upfront. While most lawyers truly want to help, many will not file a petition unless they are paid in full. This is why the law office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire, offers zero down bankruptcy to Springfield, PA Residents.  Attorney Michael Alan Siddons helps clients file their bankruptcy petition with no attorney fee paid upfront, allowing you to pay the cost over a year.

The zero down bankruptcy policy is only applicable to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. To become eligible for this service, you need to meet a few conditions. For example, you must be employed (full or part time), make at least $25,000 annual gross income and pass the MEANS test. This option is typically reserved for emergency situations such as an ongoing wage garnishment. If you need further information about zero down bankruptcy policy at the law office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire, go here.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy petition that helps you clear off many types of unsecured debts. When you successfully file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, you liquidate all your non-exempt assets. The sale of these assets is then used to pay off your creditors.

After these payments are made, most (and potentially all) of your remaining debts are discharged, leaving you free from your debt. Contrary to the popular notion, filing the petition does not mean that you have to lose your home, your car and everything you own. Instead, it provides a legitimate way for you to take charge of your finance and start over, debt-free.

How Does Zero Down Bankruptcy Work?

As the name implies, $0 down bankruptcy can be filed with no upfront payment and interest payments. With this option, you set up a monthly payment plan, with payment beginning 30 days after you have filed your petition. These payments will also be applied to your court fees.

What Are The Benefits of Zero Down Bankruptcy?

It allows you to begin the filing process immediately without having to pay attorney’s fees upfront

The installment payments are affordable and easy to manage

You will most likely have some available to make your first payment since you have successfully filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What Other Bankruptcy Services Does Attorney Michael Alan Siddons Provide?

In addition to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the law office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire assists clients to handle other types of bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, which include:

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you overwhelmed due to financial stress arising from credit card debt, medical bills, or mortgage payments? Contact the law office of Michael Alan Siddons for immediate assistance. You can visit their official website or call 610-255-7500.