Medical Malpractice Lawyer
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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Media, PA

We Help You File and Successfully Fight a Medical Malpractice Claim After a Medical Injury.

Are you a victim of medical malpractice?

We usually go to the doctor, hoping to get better. In this respect, we expect a certain standard of medical care from the health practitioner. But in some unfortunate cases, that visit could lead to additional problems you never expected. If you are lucky, the resulting issues are temporary, and you will get better after corrective treatment. Sadly, some problems may be too severe or take too long to manifest, thus making the damage irreversible.

Now, healthcare practitioners are not liable for all adverse effects on their patients. However, if a problem arises directly from a medical error, you may file a medical malpractice claim.

Michael Alan Siddons’ attorneys are well-versed in medical malpractice law and are ready to fight for damages for the harm incurred to the very end. Book a consultation with us, and we will be more than happy to evaluate your case at no cost!

What is Medical Malpractice Liability?

Medical malpractice happens when a healthcare facility, doctor, or other healthcare administrator causes bodily harm to a patient through negligence or omission. So, the liable party neglects to provide or omits certain actions, leading to errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management.

To classify your case as medical malpractice, it must meet the following criteria:

Standard of Care Was Violated

There is a level of accepted standards that medical professionals are expected to adhere to as per the law, also known as the standard of care. So, as a patient, you have the right to demand it, and if a healthcare provider does not meet that, and their substandard care causes you harm, then you can sue. 

Injury Occurred as a Result of the Negligence

Violation of the standard of care, which is basically negligence, is not enough to build a formidable medical malpractice lawsuit. The medical negligence must have resulted in injury. Your lawyer must prove that you suffered an injury that would not have happened if not for the malpractice. If there is no provable injury, then you have no claim.

The Injuries Led to Significant Damages

Medical malpractice claims are usually costly to fight. And that is because it requires contributions and testimonies from various medical experts. So, if the damage was minor, the settlement you win may be much less than the cost of the litigation. So, we assess whether your malpractice accusation led to extreme pain, suffering, disability, disability, or costs.

So, what kind of medical malpractice cases do we deal with? Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to make a diagnosis

  • Careless, incorrect, or unneeded surgery

  • Leaving surgical items inside the body after surgery

  • Severe infections from exposure in the hospital

  • Wrong drugs or dosage/failing to consider the patient’s allergies

  • Bed sores

  • Failure to follow up after treatment

  • Incorrect anesthesia administration

  • Birth injuries

  • Premature discharge

Why Trust Us for Medical Malpractice Action?

We have everything you need in a medical malpractice law office. Top among our standout qualities include:

Two Decades Specializing in Medical Malpractice Claims

We have handled countless medical malpractice lawsuits in our more than 20 years of law practice. So, we understand everything you need to win. Most importantly, we can tell you whether your case stands a chance from the get-go.

Certified & Professional Liability Attorneys

All attorneys at Michael Alan Siddons are board-certified and professional in their service delivery. Be sure of the best experience with us, as you work with the most qualified medical error lawyers in Pennsylvania.

Free Malpractice Claim Evaluation & Advice

Not sure if your injury resulted from a negligent act by the healthcare provider? To know whether you have a valid claim, you need to talk with a professional. Luckily, our law office in Media offers free case evaluations, on-call or in-person. We will give you legal counsel regarding your case, including your chances of winning and how much you can sue for, to help you decide whether you want to go through with it or not.

Dedication to Winning

Once we accept your case, we dedicate our time, experience, and resources to helping you win maximum compensation depending on the extent of your injuries and damages resulting from the wrongful medical procedures.

Representation to the Very End

Our goal is to see you get the compensation you deserve and, consequently, closure. So, rest assured we will work with you to the conclusive end of your suit. We will advise you on all the possible routes you can explore and which one is best for your particular case.

What Can Our Medical Liability Attorneys Do for You?

Here is a quick breakdown of the main tasks your Michael Alan Siddons Law attorney will handle on your behalf:

  • Gather and analyze all the evidence to support your case, including relevant medical records.

  • Consult with the relevant medical experts to build theories and collect testimonies to strengthen your medical malpractice suit.

  • Research everything relating to your medical condition and appropriate treatment.

  • Work with a qualified health care professional to review your medical records, understand your doctor’s notes, and any other information available. 

  • Take depositions from medical professionals and other relevant third parties.

  • Present your demands and negotiate a settlement with the defense’s medical malpractice insurance.

    We understand the potential financial obstacles that can come with such cases. Considering this, we have seamlessly incorporated a 25% Contingency Fee (No Trial) into our approach. It’s important to highlight that when your medical malpractice claim is settled without the need for a trial, our fee structure offers a highly competitive rate of 25% of the awarded amount, in addition to attorney costs. This strategy is purposefully designed with your best interests in mind, ensuring that a significant portion of the rightful compensation remains available to you. This financial support plays a crucial role in addressing various financial demands, such as medical expenses, lost earnings, and other financial challenges stemming from the case.

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Medical injuries resulting from negligence by a hospital or health care professional can be life-altering. Aside from the physical suffering, medical malpractice can also cause emotional and financial hardship. But you do not need to suffer in silence.

Get yourself an attorney with vast medical negligence claims. Michael Alan Siddons is here to help you prove your medical malpractice liability suit and negotiate maximum compensation for you. Call us at 610-255-7500 for a free evaluation.