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Personal Injury


Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to people with psychological or physical injuries due to another company, entity, or a person’s negligence. Common personal injuries include workplace injuries, defective products, and slip and fall accidents.

Personal injury lawyers work under tort law, including negligent and international acts. They get compensation for accident victims.

Many accidents lead to personal injury claims. Legal questions arise in cases depending on the type of accident, and so there are different elements that our attorneys will prove to help you get compensation.

Here's How We Will Help You

Our injury law firm takes action depending on the personal injury case, where you are in the case, and their specialty area. Here are some of the procedures that we carry and how they can be of help in your case;

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We Do Thorough Investigations of Claims

We only charge attorney’s fees after securing a settlement or a jury verdict. Because of this reason, we take great care when evaluating the merits of your case to ensure that we win the case for our client.

We Gather Evidence

Our injury lawyer gathers evidence to support your claims which involves getting a police or accident report. The injury lawyer can retain proof for your cases, such as camera footage and property damage.

Evidence includes medical reports, employment documents, medical records, and bills. Injury lawyers use the evidence to establish liability for clients that might have caused an accident and the extent of damages.

We Negotiate with Insurance Companies

We understand that most people do not like negotiating. However, our personal injury law firm lawyers have skills and experience dealing with insurance companies. They help you get the maximum compensation available according to the circumstances of your case by reviewing the policy details.

Our Lawyers Send Demand Letters  

A personal injury attorney sends a demand letter to demand damages for the injury caused by the defendant. The demand letter states the facts of an accident, and our injury lawyer sends it after a thorough investigation of the claims.     

We Prepare Pleadings

Our injury attorney will prepare a complaint against the defendant when the insurance company refuses to settle the issue. The complaint outlines legal arguments on why the defendant should pay for a certain amount of damages you are seeking since the person is responsible. 

We Help in Decision Making

Filling a personal injury claim can be long and have complications, especially if you do not have an injury lawyer. Our qualified lawyer will analyze your case and advise you on the best option available for you and the route of action to take depending on your situation.

We Help You Make Personal Injury Claims 

After an accident, the other party will hire an injury lawyer; you should have one too because things can turn against you when the other party contests a personal injury claim. Our injury lawyer has enough experience to give you the best legal representation. He will help you win any individual injury case after the accident. For example, they can bring expert witnesses and investigators.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Will Give You Peace of Mind

 Accidents can result in deaths and cause emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress. It may be hard to follow up on personal injury cases in this situation, so it is wise to get an attorney after getting serious injuries.

Lawyers at Michael Alan Siddons will handle all the complications of your claims, giving you time to heal and the peace of mind you need.

Accidents can affect the lives of people in a big way. If you get injuries from a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should seek legal help from our company as soon as possible to get fair compensation.

Types of Injuries that Fall Under Personal Injury Law

There are different injury cases, and a personal injury attorney can get you compensation. It is vital to choose a lawyer who has enough experience in your case according to the kind of personal injury. Here are some of the practice areas under personal injury;

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accident cases are car accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Collect some evidence at the site. They include eyewitness statements and photos of the crash that can get lost with time. You should call an injury lawyer immediately if you get into this kind of accident.

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Premises Liability

Property owners have to keep their premises safe and hazard-free to protect the people on the property from getting injuries. They ensure that those who get into their home, land, or business are safe.

Liability may vary according to whether the person is a social guest, business guest, or a trespasser. This type of injury cases includes; swimming pool accidents, poisoning, faulty wiring, slips and falls, and negligent security.

If you suffer an injury on another person’s property, an attorney with experience in premises liability will help you get compensation from the property owner.

Product Liability

The government ensures that the public is safe from products on the market by offering consumer protection laws. If you have injuries from a defective product, our lawyers with experience in product liability cases can seek compensation on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice

When a patient gets an injury, when a doctor or any health care professional gives the treatment below the medical requirement standards, our dedicated lawyers can help you seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

Workplace Accidents

You can have accidents and injury risks in a workplace or office buildings. When you suffer injuries at your place of work, you should inform your injury lawyer to help you file an injury claim. The claim should not be against your employer but a third party due to negligence. 

Dog Bite Cases

Dogs can be unpredictable and bite someone. When dog bites cause injuries such as scratches, the dog owner might be liable, and our injury lawyers will help you get fair compensation. 

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