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Did you know that if you were involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you could sue and get compensation from the establishment that sold the driver alcohol?

Many businesses in the hospitality industry have the license to sell alcoholic beverages. The licensing body is the state Alcohol Beverage Control agency. Most establishments require staff training to know if a patron they serve alcohol is intoxicated.

There is a good reason for this. Most states have dram shop laws that state that if an intoxicated person causes injury, the injured person can seek compensation from the establishment that served the alcohol.

So, what are dram shop laws? Who can use them? What are the benefits? Why should you choose Michael Alan Siddons to represent you?

Dram Shop Laws, What Are They?

The name dram shop law comes from the term ‘dram,’ an old British unit of measurement of alcohol. So, a dram shop is an establishment that furnishes alcoholic beverages. Almost all the states in America have a type of dram shop law. But the situations where dram shop liability will apply varies from state to state.

Most dram shop laws fall under the state and not the federal government. They are a way to help the state reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road by giving establishments that serve alcoholic beverages responsibility. If a dram shop attendant furnishing alcoholic beverages notices that a client is visibly intoxicated, they must cease serving them. They should also ensure that the visibly intoxicated person does not drive.

So, dram shop laws help people with injuries inflicted by another person’s intoxication. They can also be held liable for any personal injuries inflicted when the intoxicated individual was drunk. So, these laws assume dram shops are a proximate cause if any of their attendants or anyone authorized to sell alcohol knowingly serves alcoholic beverages to intoxicated persons.

Some of the things that liquor stores or commercial establishments serving alcohol should look out for are:

  1. Lawful drinking age.

  2. An obviously intoxicated person.

  3. A person habitually addicted.

  4. A person with significant physical dysfunction.

  5. A patron with significantly uncoordinated physical action.

If any dram shop serves alcohol to any of these people, they are the proximate cause of any damage suffered.

What is Dram Shop Liability?

It refers to the civil liability that may be imposed against a dram shop according to the dram shop act. It means that any establishment that sells intoxicating liquor to an intoxicated patron can be held liable for any civil damage such person causes.

Can A Third Party Be Held Liable for Providing the Alcoholic Beverages?

A third-party dram shop case will exist if someone other than the drunk patron gets injured. The dram shop will be held liable for the injury caused and may be required by law to compensate the victim.

For a personal injury lawyer to have a strong case for any third person in Pennsylvania, some requirements must be met. According to the dram shop laws, a person licensed or an establishment will not be held liable for damages inflicted on a third person unless:

  • They served alcohol to an intoxicated person.

  • Sold to a habitual or common drunkard.

  • Or are the cause of an intoxicated minor.

However, to have this type of case, the third party must prove that the establishment sold alcohol to the intoxicated person and that the injury or death sustained was caused because they served alcohol to the patron.

Social Host Liability

Social host liability refers to the laws that are put in motion if a drunkard causes an injury after receiving alcohol at a social event. Unlike dram shop laws which only hold establishments that sell alcoholic beverages, social host liability holds anyone that provides an alcoholic beverage.

If the alcoholic beverage was served to an obviously intoxicated person or a person below the legal drinking age and they cause damage, the social hosts will be held liable.

Damages And Time Limits for Dram Shop Law Claims?

Dram shop law claims also have a time limit to them. The time limit is a factor, especially because the evidence is critical to making a case. You need to gather enough evidence that shows the intoxicated person’s condition was the cause of the damages. In other words, the accident and the injuries resulting from the accident happened because of intoxication.

You will need witnesses that may testify that the dram shop sold an alcoholic beverage to someone who was a clear danger to himself or the public. Any establishment that unlawfully sells liquor to patrons that subsequently injure other persons is liable for the injuries caused.

Why Should You Choose Micheal Alan Siddons?

You should call your lawyer immediately when you are involved in an accident with a drunkard or if the accident happened due to intoxication. At Michael Alan Siddons law firm, you will get clear instructions on what to do to have a better case. Lawyers at Michael Alan Siddons are experienced at building a good case and will guide you and help you gather the necessary evidence.

If you are the personal representative of a person involved in an accident due to alcohol, you will need support. You will be assigned a lawyer from the firm to help prove that the dram shop was responsible for the accident.

Benefits of Dram Shop Law Services

  • They get you better compensation for damage and injuries.

  • They build awareness of dram shop liability in the state

  • They reduce alcohol-related accidents

  • They reduce the instances of serving alcohol illegally

  • They boost public and establishment awareness of the effects of excessive alcohol.

Suppose you feel you should be compensated because you have suffered an injury because of alcohol, whether as a first-party or third-party; Michael Alan Siddons is your best bet. A local dram shop law attorney from The Law Offices of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire, can help you gather evidence and explore the different options available to you. Today, schedule an appointment at a law firm in Media, PA, Rising Sun, MD & Staten Island, NY.

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