I was in bad shape till I made the call to Michael. I was refered by my legal plan Hyatt after having a difficult time finding a attorney that was willing to work with me about fees. Michael took my case right away and told me we will work. The fees out and we did. His staff worked and communicated to me each step of the way and I didn't feel alone. At court Michael was very professional explain to me the whole process.. I would strongly recommend him.


Mike was an amazing support to my family during a very difficult time. He helped us through bankruptcy, serious illness and an unexpected inheritance. I didn't feel like I was dealing with a lawyer but a real person who genuinely was looking out for my best interests. Mike has compassion that he cannot help but incorporate into his practice. He's a lawyer with a big heart and a gifted mind, a great combination. Highly recommend his services.


The Superman of Attorneys! Michael surveyed the problem, let me know my options, and then helped to resolve it. This problem was hanging over my head for almost 7 years. In 3 months it was gone and resolved. Mike treated me like a human being - he explained the problem, and we resolved it together.


Michael Siddons is a great lawyer. I highly recommend him for bankruptcy. He saved me from aggravating calls from collector's. I have a new outlook to becoming debt free.


Michael understands the importance of the attorney/client relationship in the scope of law. Michael navigated me through the complexities of bankruptcy law. I was ecstatic to find his fee scale reasonable for his responsive and accommodating services. Michael Siddon's professionalism and knowledge was a life jacket on me during this troubled economy. Michael earned mountains of respect and gratitude from me. In addition, Mike makes a fresh financial start accessible to a client in financial distress coupled with his affordable fees and legal acumen.Thank you


Mr. Siddons came to my home gave me great advice and most important he communicate with you at all times, everything was filed right away, his services has been very professional.


Mr. Siddons was by far the best attorney to do my chapter 7 bankruptcy case for me.
from start to end he went above and beyond his job detail to make me feel very comfortable and less stressed about my bankruptcy.

I only wish there were more attorneys like him. He took his time to explain everything about my case but was super fast at getting things done. Thank you so much for everything you've done.


Always responded when I needed answers and if he didn't have time he would let me know. He was straight to the point with everything and never let us down. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs bankruptcy assistance.

Jessica & Nicolas

I was always amazed at the depth of Michael's knowledge and the results were beyond what I expected. I felt totally at ease in speaking with him and will trust him in the future should the need arise.