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Do Personal Injury Lawyers Work for Free?

Personal injury firms have been claiming that they will offer their services at no charge, and you don’t need to have any upfront cost unless they win your case. You may be wondering if this claim is valid. Well, they are right! Most personal injury attorneys will represent you on a contingency fee basis. You will pay your lawyer when they win the case with the arrangement of a contingency fee. However, your lawyer won’t get paid if they fail to recover money for you. There is no guarantee of receiving compensation for their work after lawyers have invested a significant amount of money and time into the case. Media, PA can be seen here.

Is There Any Exception?

For some lawyer, they work in a retainer arrangement. That means that for you to retain your lawyer’s services, you need to pay your lawyer upfront. In most personal injury cases, your lawyer won’t bill you per hour. You will need to sign a contract of agreement to share a percentage of monies recovered with the lawyer or law firm, which is typically 33 ½ percent. Unless your lawyer succeeds in prosecuting the personal injury case, they work at no cost to you. For several years, Siddons Law Firm Media PA has been handling personal injury cases on a contingency basis in Media, PA. They have experienced personal injury attorneys that will provide you with a free case evaluation. Click here to read about Common Personal Injury Cases.

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