Delaware county property assessment appeals information

Delaware County Property Assessments: 9 Things You Should Know

By now many of you have received notices regarding an increase in your property values in Delaware County based on a reassessment done by a company called Tyler Technologies. As a resident of Delaware county I received the same thing.

This property value is directly linked to how much you will pay in county, municipal and school taxes in the year 2021 and beyond. But this assessment was done PRIOR to the COVID-19 Pandemic, which means that your property value could be inflated. This would mean you pay more in taxes than you should.

5 Property Tax Appeal Mistakes

Each year, homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey receive their property tax assessments and, each year, many property owners disagree with an increase in their taxes. Fortunately, the tax assessor’s word is not necessarily final and there are methods of appealing if you believe your property tax assessment was inaccurate for some reason. However,…