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Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr is an older neighborhood in Media, PA that is full of beautiful homes and charming residents. It is typically a residential area, but there are some nearby attractions that bring in visitors. If you are in the Media, PA area and want to find something to do, be sure to check out Bryn Mawr. Visit this link for more information.



Many of the homes in Bryn Mawr are older and some are even mansions. They are among some of the first homes built in the area and they have been cared for and passed down from one generation to the next by people who have lived in them. If you love historical homes, you will want to tour the neighborhood. Read about Claymont here.


Kids Attractions

There’s plenty of kids to do in the neighborhood and there are many fun attractions that they will like. Legoland is one of them.  Your children will have a lot of fun making structures and building new things with the blocks and checking out the things others have made. 


If you are thinking about visiting Media, PA and are looking for a nice neighborhood to spend some time in, be sure to check out everything Bryn Mawr has to offer.

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