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Typical Cases of Personal Injury

A personal injury case may happen from any incident or accident. Otherwise known as tort law, personal injury law gives the victim of an accident the chance to get compensation when an intentional act or negligence of someone else’s wrongful conduct causes harm. There will be a genuine injury claim for you from a variety of situations. However, an injury doesn’t automatically lead to legal liability. Therefore, some of the common cases of personal injury are: Learn information about Media, PA.

Assault, Battery, and Other Intentional Torts

Intentional torts are based on accidents caused by carelessness or negligence, unlike most other types of personal injury claims, but when a person injures or harms another purposefully. There could also be an added aspect of criminal cases against the perpetrator involved in these cases. Someone may face criminal charges when they physically attack another. The victim can also demand compensation for injuries caused by the attack by filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Discover facts about Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Dog Bites

When it comes to bites and other injuries caused by the dog, the owners of a dog are financially responsible. Each state has its law concerning the laws on owner responsibility. Where strict code exists, the owner will be liable for dog bite damages even without any visible aggression from the dog. A personal injury lawyer like Siddons Law Firm Media, PA, will confirm if you have a case when this happens.

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