January 23, 2023

Can I claim anxiety after a car accident?

A vehicle accident can severely affect a victim physically and psychologically. Such a victim goes through underrated mental pressure following a crash. Bruises, head injuries, cuts, and lacerations are some of the resulting physical injuries, while emotional trauma, anxiety, and PTSD are some of the resulting psychological conditions.

auto accident.

Fortunately, you can claim anxiety following a motor vehicle accident against a liable party for serious injuries as well as emotional and psychological trauma. All you need to do is get in touch with our experts at Michael Alan Siddons. Our legal team will enlighten you on your legal rights as a car crash victim, ensuring you do not have to pay unexpected medical bills and making certain you focus on your healing process while we hold the blameworthy party’s insurance company liable for your injuries.

Emotional Distress That Results From Motor Vehicle Crashes

As a car accident victim, you must understand that the emotional distress resulting from a vehicle accident takes various forms. Specifically, identifying the emotional stress that results from a car accident is mandatory to make you eligible to claim compensation. For example, if your medical record shows you were diagnosed with PTSD before the accident, it is unlikely you will receive compensation that covers the cost of treating it.

However, if you have recently been diagnosed with PTSD after a car accident, you will likely be compensated for psychological and emotional trauma. Some of the emotional distress that can stem from a vehicle accident are as follows:

  • PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder can stem from a disturbing incident. The unexpected collision of vehicles, the vehicle damage during the fender bender, and the loss of a loved one are all emotionally scarring situations. This mental scar can worsen for victims trapped in their cars, especially in the middle of traffic or accident, making them more susceptible to other health conditions. PTSD might make a victim avoid plying through the accident scene, trigger flashbacks that make the victim go back in time and re-live the experience again, and can cause a fear of driving or even being driven by someone else.
  • Anxiety: A car accident can cause anxiety, worry, or tension about simple everyday affairs. Anxiety can make you develop a fear of cars. If you fail to seek help from a qualified therapist, your anxiety might increase as much as you try to avoid the situations or locations that trigger the feeling.
  • Depression: Depression is a major emotional trauma that can kill the motivation to carry out daily activities. You start to be overwhelmed by a feeling of things not getting better, as if your injuries have marred your life, leaving you with nothing to be happy about. Depression can affect your work performance and ability to eat and sleep.

A qualified therapist can diagnose these emotional traumas, determine if they are connected to a car accident, and establish your right to receive a fair settlement from the liable party.

Claiming Emotional Trauma Compensation following a car crash

As much as you can claim compensation for the emotional trauma that stems from a car accident, your course of action after the accident will influence your tendency to receive compensation.

  1. Always Contact a Lawyer first: After an accident that results from the fault of the other driver, if you develop anxieties that affect your work ability, your psychologist can link your condition to the car accident. An attorney will know how to handle compensation for your injuries and must therefore be involved in your claims process. As a result, you should be frank with your attorney about the injuries and pain you experienced due to the vehicle accident, your diagnoses, and the resulting life challenges.
  2. Opt For A Medical Diagnoses: Seeking a medical diagnosis will provide an avenue to pinpoint your injuries and get the best treatment option. The report from the diagnosis can also serve as evidence to indicate your injuries and when they happened, increasing your chance of getting compensation. Emotional and psychological injuries are best handled by a doctor of psychiatry, who will gather evidence about the emotional distress the car accident caused.
  3. Avoid Speaking To The Insurance Company Yourself: It can be challenging dealing with a car insurance company that may deny you compensation. Rather than handling the insurance claim process yourself, employ the services of a lawyer in a law firm to take charge of the entire interaction with the insurance company.A lawyer has the expertise to help you establish your pain and suffering and obtain your car accident compensation.

How To Prove Liability For Anxiety After A Car Accident

When it comes to proving liability for anxiety caused by a car accident, you need to prove that the defendant has to be held responsible. This step involves thoroughly looking into the issue and putting together enough evidence to back your claim.

Such evidence includes showing that the other party disregarded safety, engaged in distracted driving, or was driving without a driver’s license. With a police report, you can prove that another party caused the collision.

Such a report will provide further information on how the accident happened. Also, the police report can contain breathalyzer test results and witnesses’ statements.

Additional evidence that you can utilize to determine fault or liability in car crashes are:

  • Images showing the damages to the involved vehicles
  • Surveillance footage
  • Medical expert’s statement

How Much Compensation Can I Get for Anxiety From a Car Accident

Various factors will determine your compensation for anxiety, including the cost of treatment or therapies.

Consult an attorney who will work with the doctor to evaluate treatment costs. They will also determine the likelihood of the issue worsening due to triggers.

Based on the results of the assessment, your attorney can assign a monetary value to the damages.

Aside from anxiety compensation, your reimbursement can also cover the following:

  • Expenses for replacing your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical cost
  • Lost income and wages
  • Repair costs for the damaged vehicle
  • Cost of personal property damage caused by the accident

Reach Out to Michael Alan Siddons To Claim Anxiety From a Car Accident

Your everyday life can be detrimentally affected by car accident-induced anxieties, and the injuries resulting from the incident can be life-threatening. At Michael Alan Siddons, we can act on your behalf to seek compensation for anxiety. We will answer and tend to any questions and concerns about your case. Contact us at 610-255-7500 for a free consultation.