June 6, 2015

Foreclosure and Utility Shutoffs

Foreclosures and Utility Shutoffs Rate Rises with Warmer Weather

As the weather is starting to warm up and summer approaches, lenders and service providers partake in their own “spring cleaning.” During this time of year, the amount of foreclosures and utility shutoffs tend to rise.

Due to the extremely cold and harsh winter, utility bills were at an all time high and many people lost workdays because of the excessive snow, causing thousands to fall behind on payments. Many states provide protection from service shutoffs during the winter months. When the cold weather subsides and the moratorium is lifted, households in arrears will face the aftermath.

Those struggling to pay utility providers may qualify under special circumstances that will allow an extension to pay bills. Lower income households, the disabled, elderly, and ill have the opportunity to create a payment plan with service companies to request extra time to send in payments. If you have unpaid payments and about to lose utility service, filing for bankruptcy will halt the shutoffs.

The risk of losing your home or having your electricity, water, gas, or other services shutoff can be devastating. It is imperative that you seek legal help immediately to ensure the best outcome for your situation. Know that you are not alone, The Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons, Esquire is here to help you! Contact me, Michael Siddons, Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Lawyer, to find out what I can do for you. Call today at (610) 255- 7500.