June 30, 2015

Maryland Foreclosure

Maryland Aims to Prevent Tax Sale Foreclosures

In the past year, there were over 20,000 Maryland households with delinquent taxes. Thirty-percent of those properties were sold through tax sales. In the State of Maryland, homeowners with as little as $250 of unpaid property taxes or $350 of unpaid water bills risk foreclosure. When a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments and their house if foreclosed on, they may receive a part of the commission. However, properties with delinquent taxes are sold through a tax sale, and homeowners are not entitled to any compensation.

The biggest mistake homeowners at risk of foreclosure make is not seeking legal representation. About 7,000 Maryland homes were sold this year because the homeowners had delinquent taxes; that number could have been cut in half with the help of an attorney. Without representation, it allows creditors to take advantage. Many property owners aren’t aware of the tax sale process, their legal rights, and may have plausible defenses to save them from foreclosure. There are tax credits and exemptions that, if they qualify, can make homeowners up to date on their taxes.

The Tax Sales Prevention Project

Due to the large number of foreclosures this year, The Tax Sale Prevention Project was created to help prevent Maryland residents from tax sale foreclosures. The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland and Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service have teamed up to provide attorneys to homeowners at risk of losing their homes. The volunteer lawyers provide representation, advice, and help find the best solution for their clients.

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