September 21, 2020

Pennsylvania Courts Ill-Prepared For Wave Of Bankruptcies

Pennsylvania Courts Are Not Prepared For The Wave Of Bankruptcies That Will Result From The Coronavirus

It is no secret that the coronavirus outbreak has crippled Pennsylvania’s economy. Unemployment in the state is sky-high and businesses that were doing well before the outbreak have suddenly found themselves in the red. One of the many consequences of this economic downturn is sure to be an increase in bankruptcies: so many that the courts will be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this will prevent many Pennsylvanians from getting the relief they need. 

Bankruptcies On Hiatus

One of the problems is that Pennsylvania courts have ceased most of their in-person services, including bankruptcy filings. This – combined with the sluggish economy in the state – means that, when Pennsylvania bankruptcy courts reopen for in-person services, there will be a flood of applicants. To keep the bankruptcy process running, many Pennsylvania courts are offering virtual bankruptcy services (among other virtual services). While this does allow more Pennsylvanians to file for bankruptcy, it creates significant accessibility gaps, as successful filing requires a computer/mobile device, printer, and reliable internet access. In Pennsylvania’s elderly, minority, and rural populations, such access can be hard to come by. In a sad irony, these are the same communities that are most likely to be adversely affected by the coronavirus and its economic fallout. That is to say, these are the communities that could end up needing bankruptcy protection the most.

What’s At Stake

Why does all of this matter? Pennsylvania bankruptcy is a lifeline for those who are drowning in debt (debt that is expected to increase as a result of the current pandemic). If you are struggling with debt, bankruptcy can help you: 

  • Get creditors off your back

  • Avoid foreclosure, eviction, or car repossession

  • Eliminate thousands of dollars in debt

These benefits of a bankruptcy filing are even more essential in light of the current pandemic. That is why the current disruptions to Pennsylvania’s bankruptcy filing process are more than just an inconvenience: for many families, they are devastating. Fortunately, help is available. 

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

One viable option for those who wish to file for bankruptcy during this difficult time is to retain the services of a bankruptcy lawyer. A Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorney at Siddons Law has all the resources for successful electronic filing. A lawyer can even help you get all the necessary documents together for your filing. Transfer of bankruptcy documents has also been a major problem for many Pennsylvanians during this unprecedented time.

When the courts finally do reopen for in-person filing, the bankruptcy process will no doubt be longer and more complicated than it has ever been before in Pennsylvania, due to the extensive backlog. A bankruptcy attorney at Siddons Law can help you navigate this difficult process. Of course, having an experienced lawyer on your side is highly recommended, whether you are filing for bankruptcy in the middle of a pandemic or not. A bankruptcy lawyer will increase your chances of filing successfully and getting out of debt.